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Apr. 20th, 2017 08:59 am
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This journal is semi-friends only.


Lyrics posts (and some old posts imported from LJ) will stay public, so you don't need to add me to see them :) You can subscribe to my journal/add me freely, but if you want to become friends, please leave a comment in here telling me a bit about yourself, or I won't add you back. 

Please don't ask me to add you if your journal is empty. I post some pretty personal stuff in here, so I won't grant access to just anyone. If I know you from somewhere else, let me know!  

Comments are screened, so go wild :D


About me
✖ Kristal (she/her)
✖ Foreign languages student, intersectional feminist, pizza lover, languages lover, Disney nerd, bookworm, sci-fi enthusiast, musicals buff, can make anything into a TARDIS
✖ Speaks Italian, English, French, a basic level of Spanish, and an even more basic level of Japanese 
✖ Has a thing for the Scottish accent (don't ask)
✖ Studies Japanese in her spare time
✖ Wants to learn Norwegian 
✖ Dreams to see the world
✖ Currently into Japanese dramas and Arashi

✖ Favourite dorama is Love Shuffle
✖ Favourite eiga is Initiation Love
✖ Favourite actor is Matsuda Shota
✖ Loves romantic dramas, hates the sexism 

✖ Ichiban is chesuto failboat Keio boy
✖ Other ichiban is the most cuticle and very danger man in the world
✖ OTP is Sakuraiba - with Junba trying to steal the spot every once in a while
✖ Would poke Sho with an umbrella if given the chance
✖ Aches for a best friend like Aiba in her life
✖ Thinks Oh-chan is the most precious ojisan ever
✖ Hates to love Nino
✖ Wants to throw away Jun's Louboutins
✖ Favourite solos are:
    ★ Sho - Rolling Days
    ★ Aiba - 夜空への手紙
    ★ Ohno - two
    ★ Nino - また今日と同じ明日が来る and メリークリスマス 
    ★ Jun - Don't you love me?
✖ Favourite PV is the masterpiece that is Face Down
✖ Favourite Arashi show is VS Arashi
Really hates to love Nino

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There's not many of them, but I'm a meticulous person like that, so I'm listing the lyrics I've transcribed & the translations I've made here.


I'll be there (FNS short version)
I'll be there
★ つなぐ (BayStorm short vers.)

→ Ninomiya Kazunari
★ また今日と同じ明日が来る (Mata Kyou to Onaji Asu ga Kuru) [translation linked not mine]

→ Aiba Masaki
★ Amore

Kame & Yamapi
背中越しのチャンス (Senaka goshi no chance)


Arashi ni Shiyagare
★ [2015.10.31] "AIUEO" improvisation game + Sakuraiba's "First & Last" improvisation challenge 

VS Arashi 
★ [2017.05.18] Shaving leg hair
★ [2017.08.10] Sleeping while it's hot
★ [2017.08.17] Bugs

Amore - Aiba Masaki (ENG & IT) 
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Why the talk about the bugs today, Arashi? It began as quite a icky topic but it became so funny in the end. Also, while I'm writing this there's a moth that's been observing me from the ceiling. Ew.

Scratch that, there's another (smaller) moth that just flew past me. I feel observed. lol

※ Translation is mine, ergo it could be all wrong ※
S: Sho
A: Aiba
N: Nino
O: Ohno
J: Jun

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It's been so long since I posted anything but I've been so busy with work that I don't even have time to sleep on the weekends xD But this time I decided I would take a day off from adulting (who needs to do the laundry or go grocery shopping anyway) and spend it lazing around and VSA is the perfect thing to watch ♥ And since I loved the intro talk, I sent pics to my cousin and translated it for her, so I thought I might post it here as well. Enjoy~

※ Translation is mine, ergo it could be all wrong


S: Sho
A: Aiba
N: Nino
O: Ohno

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I transcribed this for myself so I thought of posting it. There are probably loads of lyrics for this song by now, but I only follow one Kame and one Yamapi comm and there's nothing there so xD

I'm gonna draw my destiny with you )
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New song, new lyrics! The chorus for this song is really catchy, so I had a lot of fun singing along.  I'm not really sure about that 消えないでは, so if you have any idea about what that should be (or if you notice any other mistakes) please let me know! :D LOL I figured out that it was supposed to be (probably?) "Love" because I've been subconsciously singing it like that for a while, but I forgot to change the lyrics *smh* Again, if you find mistakes etc, please tell me! :3

Thank you to winky-chan for the audio rip! ♥

Even in this sad world filled with lies, just keep believing in this love... )


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This is one of my favourite Arashi ni Shiyagare episodes, but I've never seen it subbed or translated anywhere, which is a shame.

The guest for this episode was the actor Namase Katsuhisa, who teaches Arashi how to do improv. They start off with what he calls "AIUEO" improv game, in which they have to improvise their lines and have them start with AIUEO (the Japanese order for the vowels).

The second part of the improv games is a challenge called "First and Last", in which Arashi have to incorporate three randomly picked lines (which are all famous quotes from comedians, anime, or even movies like Frozen), in a specific setting.

It's such an interesting and very funny episode. Maybe one day I will be able to translate Nino and Jun's sketch, which was by far the best of the three, but for now I bring you the AIUEO game and the Sakuraiba "First and Last" challenge! The reason, of course, is that I am a trashy shipper, and both scenes are just dripping with Sakuraiba love.

Please, enjoy c:

Translation is mine, ergo it could be all wrong


VO: Voice-over
MC: MC/Host
S: Sho
A: Aiba
J: Jun
N: Nino
O: Ohno
G: Guest Namase Katsuhisa

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In the end, shipping aside, I'm very happy Aiba was paired up with Sho. I think Aiba needs someone like Nino or Sho to support him in improv (maybe with Nino the scene might have even worked till the end, who knows?). Sho could have worked with Ohno as well, probably. Nino is a wildcard, but being paired up with Jun gave the best result (they were GREAT! I laughed so hard!).

All in all, this episode was really one of the best AniShi. I hope you had fun reading this. :D

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I was watching today's VSA, and there's a scene in the beginning that just made me laugh so hard, so I had to share it (the translation, I mean). The fact that Sakuraiba is precious in it, and that I'm such a trashy shipper has absolutely nothing to do with it, of course. Not that much, at least.

Translation is mine, ergo it could be all wrong

: Voice from Heaven
I: Inoo
S: Sho
A: Aiba
G: Other guest

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Can I just say? Sho looks so cute with that hair. And Aiba is gorgeous as ever. I just want to cry. Why do I have to have these two as favourites? /cries
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So, I finally watched the performance of I'll be there on the last VS Arashi. Thoughts under the cut because the post is images heavy.

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The full song is out, so the full lyrics are here! :D I checked the kanji and romaji at least ten times, but I had a few issues here and there, so if you find mistakes, as always, please let me know and I'll correct them as soon as possible.

Just a "stylistic" note: this time I made the katakana words which are foreign words all in capital letters (but smaller.) It bothered me that I couldn't find a way to signal them in the romaji, so that's what I came up with. I'm not sure if this is the normal practice, so it might seem weird for some of you. If you find it unbearable, please comment with an alternative and I'll consider it! :)

I love this song even more now. I first heard the line 鼓動鳴り響く心に問いかけたら in one of the previews for the PV and I fell in love with it, and now that the whole song is here I'm just over the moon /gross sobbing

I also love Treasure of life, and - of course - the Sakurap in unknown. All in all, this was a great single! :3 Arashi saikou! :D

... Kokoro ni toikaketara... )
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I already love this song and its jazzy feel :D This is the short version as it appeared on FNS, but I figured that maybe someone might need the romaji to sing along like me

Wow look at me it's been a while since I've been here, and of course the first thing I do is to post Arashi stuff. My 12yo self would be amused.

Do let me know in the comments/PM me if you find mistakes! I've checked the lyrics four times, but you never know.
What else to say? Enjoy Arashi's new single for Aiba's dorama :D I'm sooo looking forward to that! *-*

(The post will probably be updated with the complete lyrics once the song is out? If no one does it first, ig?)
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Welp, I've been on this song too long, I hope I haven't made any mistakes. I'm posting the Kanji + Romaji + English Translation + Italian Translation for Aiba's solo in case someone needs them. I wanted to do Sho's solo as well, but it's late and I'm pretty sure someone else will be on it soon!

Please, tell me if you find any mistakes so I can correct them! ^^

Notes on the foreign (non-English) words )


PLEASE READ: Notes on the translation )
LEGGI: note alla traduzione italiana )

This song makes me blush so much.

Also, can I just add? They've lost a perfect chance to have Aiba whisper sweet nothings in Italian throughout the whole song. *cries*

Let Aiba shower you with Amore... )
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Since I've fallen in love with this song, I just couldn't wait to sing it and I couldn't see anything from the photo of the booklet, so I transcribed the song in Kanji and Romaji and so I'm posting it here if there's someone else who needs the lyrics.

Thanks to @color5seaside for the translation! :3

Please let me know if there are any mistakes! ^^

This way! )
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No doubt, it would be a '67 Chevy Impala! Black, like the one on the Supernatural's show.

A pic under the cut )
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So, last night I was re-watching some of the Merlin's cast interviews, and I run into bradley talking about Merlin's season 3... well, that was HILARIOUS! LOL

Bradley: Like if you'd thought you lost your wallet and you found your wallet... that sensation of *finding* your wallet is just a huge relief.

Gosh, I laughed so hard at this!
Meanwhile Colin was right on his side.. I can only imagine the giggles! xD
Yeah its like leathery and old (quote) LOL!
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I know I should be studying, but I really couldn't get off of my mind these conversations! xD
So, here we go, GIMP downloaded, pictures made... two new Merlin's Facebook conversations! ♥

You know Arthur? He's on Facebook! )
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Interviewer: Which do you think is stronger, Arthur's romance with Gwen or his bromance with Merlin?
Bradley: (answers immediately) Bromance with Merlin. It-it's there for everyone to see. He.. He's been around for dinner at Gwen's, he spends all his time with Merlin. No contest.

Oh, my...! ♥
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Haihey, here's a psd to make Gwen the queen of Camelot! ;D

There you are! )


Jan. 11th, 2010 09:19 pm
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All the resources I use in my works and other things! ^-^

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