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So, I finally watched the performance of I'll be there on the last VS Arashi. Thoughts under the cut because the post is images heavy.

First of all the suits! I honestly liked the way they were dressed on the FNS performance more, but they suit the beige colour as well. The shoes are not my thing though. 

Oh, Aibaby. Hate to see you go, love to see you walk away. (Look at that clean-shaved nape! I might have a new fetish...)

Okay so, I have something to say. Nino profoundly affected me in here. How DARE he. He had his stupid bangs falling on his face the whole time, and this stupidly attractive brooding expression while he sang that gave me FEELS. How dare you, Mr. Ninomiya. I refuse to be feeling things for you. *will never admit to loving nino* 

You can also see the shoes here. Not a fan tbh.


Moving on, look at my Yama here. 

Sho's beauty in this cap is out of this world. And Ohno's serious face is adorable. I love this cute ojisan so much. 

After that, Junba harmonising ♥ I mean, Junba could do anything. They could be just standing next to each other looking in opposite directions. I would still fall for them. Look at them. I mean. How could anyone NOT love Junba?? okay yeah I'm done with the Junba-ai, sorry, I tend to get carried away

Aiba looked so handsome during the whole performance. He looked seriously hot. I can't believe how much more handsome he's becoming as the years go by. He ages like fine wine indeed. 

His eyes are so キラキラ here *-* The black dye suits him so much UGH. And now that his hair has grown a little, the haircut looks great on him too! 

One thing I just don't get and I didn't appreciate was when they showed the crowd. I mean, dude, we know Arashi can make panties drop, just... move on. I don't get this directing choice, really. The screaming and the hands covering their faces were pretty annoying. 

Director-san, at least make it so I can admire Sho's butt. Total fail here. 

Also, I got so anxious when I saw the crowd standing in front of them. I never think about it, but stage fright must be hell. Just seeing how close they were, looking expectantly... how do performer deal with that?? I'm impressed. (I mean, they will be used to it by now, but it's freaking impressive either way.) 

Sho, my love, you were handsome too ♥ Did he put on weight? I love his puffy cheeks ♥ *secretly hopes he will put on more weight* 

Oh, but look how cute he looks here! He seems like he was having a lot of fun! 

In my mind he's looking at Ohno and YOU CAN'T TELL ME OTHERWISE 

More brooding Nino with bangs over his eyes IS2G NINOMIYA WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE LIKE THIS

This was basically my favourite part on the FNS performance because during the last chorus Aiba lost his grip on his mic and so he readjusted it.

(Is he EATING the mic? This gives me impure thoughts, Aiba, stop. Plz.)

He also talked about it on the jweb blog I believe, about how Kazama-kun pointed it out to him and how he looked cool and asked him if it was done on purpose. I don't think it was done on purpose then, to be honest, but it looks like it was now:

But I'll forgive him because 1. the glance he threw at the camera was worth it 2. Aiba could do anything and I would still forgive him 3. I find it cute that he wants to look cool (he's the coolest in my book) 4. The three-shot with Sakuraibamoto gives me feels, so I'm unable to think straight. 

And finally, the last pose:

I'm in love with this pose because they seem so confused xD They look like they're either holding a hat (Nino), washing their hair with one hand (Ohno, Jun) or doing the Grease comb gesture (Sho, Aiba). It's just funny xD 

I liked the performance a lot in the end! I could have done without the fans screaming and stuff though. 

What did you all think? :D 
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