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I was watching today's VSA, and there's a scene in the beginning that just made me laugh so hard, so I had to share it (the translation, I mean). The fact that Sakuraiba is precious in it, and that I'm such a trashy shipper has absolutely nothing to do with it, of course. Not that much, at least.

Translation is mine, ergo it could be all wrong

: Voice from Heaven
I: Inoo
S: Sho
A: Aiba
G: Other guest

H: By the way, isn't there a girl you want to show to Arashi?
I: Ah, right. I want to introduce this girl to Arashi without doubt. Here she is.

: What do you think about it?
S: Ah, that! You did mention it's a private hobby of yours.
I: That's not it.
G: That's a private picture?
I: I crossdress in one of the scenes of the movie. For that reason, I also had to shave all my leg hair.
Did it ever happen to you to have to shave your leg hair?
S: It happened.
I: Eh!?
A: To me too.
I: For private reasons?
S: For work. Well, in my case.

Sakurai being sassy is everything. "Well, me at least. I know our Aiba here likes to shave."

: Wait a second! Me too! Me too!

Look at Aiba's outraged face. Look at Sakurai being a precious flower. They're out to kill me, I swear.

: When you shave them all though, when you go and take a bath, doesn't it feel very different?
I: It feels extremely different!
A: Right? It's a completely different sensation. It's not the usual sensation you get... How can I say it?
S: It's like you have taken off a piece of clothing, right?
A: Yes, exactly.

Do you want to kill me with all this Sakuraiba-ai? Yes? Okay. Go on, please.

: Aah, the hot water is so gentle~♥

Sho is so precious. And his hair is SO FLUFFY. I love him too much.

Can I just say? Sho looks so cute with that hair. And Aiba is gorgeous as ever. I just want to cry. Why do I have to have these two as favourites? /cries
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