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This journal is semi-friends only.


Lyrics posts (and some old posts imported from LJ) will stay public, so you don't need to add me to see them :) You can subscribe to my journal/add me freely, but if you want to become friends, please leave a comment in here telling me a bit about yourself, or I won't add you back. 

Please don't ask me to add you if your journal is empty. I post some pretty personal stuff in here, so I won't grant access to just anyone. If I know you from somewhere else, let me know!  

Comments are screened, so go wild :D


About me
✖ Kristal (she/her)
✖ Foreign languages student, intersectional feminist, pizza lover, languages lover, Disney nerd, bookworm, sci-fi enthusiast, musicals buff, can make anything into a TARDIS
✖ Speaks Italian, English, French, a basic level of Spanish, and an even more basic level of Japanese 
✖ Has a thing for the Scottish accent (don't ask)
✖ Studies Japanese in her spare time
✖ Wants to learn Norwegian 
✖ Dreams to see the world
✖ Currently into Japanese dramas and Arashi

✖ Favourite dorama is Love Shuffle
✖ Favourite eiga is Initiation Love
✖ Favourite actor is Matsuda Shota
✖ Loves romantic dramas, hates the sexism 

✖ Ichiban is chesuto failboat Keio boy
✖ Other ichiban is the most cuticle and very danger man in the world
✖ OTP is Sakuraiba - with Junba trying to steal the spot every once in a while
✖ Would poke Sho with an umbrella if given the chance
✖ Aches for a best friend like Aiba in her life
✖ Thinks Oh-chan is the most precious ojisan ever
✖ Hates to love Nino
✖ Wants to throw away Jun's Louboutins
✖ Favourite solos are:
    ★ Sho - Rolling Days
    ★ Aiba - 夜空への手紙
    ★ Ohno - two
    ★ Nino - また今日と同じ明日が来る and メリークリスマス 
    ★ Jun - Don't you love me?
✖ Favourite PV is the masterpiece that is Face Down
✖ Favourite Arashi show is VS Arashi
Really hates to love Nino

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嵐 / Arashi • 櫻井翔 / Sakurai Sho • 相葉雅紀 / Aiba Masaki • 桜葉 / Sakuraiba • モデルズ / Junba

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