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This is one of my favourite Arashi ni Shiyagare episodes, but I've never seen it subbed or translated anywhere, which is a shame.

The guest for this episode was the actor Namase Katsuhisa, who teaches Arashi how to do improv. They start off with what he calls "AIUEO" improv game, in which they have to improvise their lines and have them start with AIUEO (the Japanese order for the vowels).

The second part of the improv games is a challenge called "First and Last", in which Arashi have to incorporate three randomly picked lines (which are all famous quotes from comedians, anime, or even movies like Frozen), in a specific setting.

It's such an interesting and very funny episode. Maybe one day I will be able to translate Nino and Jun's sketch, which was by far the best of the three, but for now I bring you the AIUEO game and the Sakuraiba "First and Last" challenge! The reason, of course, is that I am a trashy shipper, and both scenes are just dripping with Sakuraiba love.

Please, enjoy c:

Translation is mine, ergo it could be all wrong


VO: Voice-over
MC: MC/Host
S: Sho
A: Aiba
J: Jun
N: Nino
O: Ohno
G: Guest Namase Katsuhisa

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In the end, shipping aside, I'm very happy Aiba was paired up with Sho. I think Aiba needs someone like Nino or Sho to support him in improv (maybe with Nino the scene might have even worked till the end, who knows?). Sho could have worked with Ohno as well, probably. Nino is a wildcard, but being paired up with Jun gave the best result (they were GREAT! I laughed so hard!).

All in all, this episode was really one of the best AniShi. I hope you had fun reading this. :D

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