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This is one of my favourite Arashi ni Shiyagare episodes, but I've never seen it subbed or translated anywhere, which is a shame.

The guest for this episode was the actor Namase Katsuhisa, who teaches Arashi how to do improv. They start off with what he calls "AIUEO" improv game, in which they have to improvise their lines and have them start with AIUEO (the Japanese order for the vowels).

The second part of the improv games is a challenge called "First and Last", in which Arashi have to incorporate three randomly picked lines (which are all famous quotes from comedians, anime, or even movies like Frozen), in a specific setting.

It's such an interesting and very funny episode. Maybe one day I will be able to translate Nino and Jun's sketch, which was by far the best of the three, but for now I bring you the AIUEO game and the Sakuraiba "First and Last" challenge! The reason, of course, is that I am a trashy shipper, and both scenes are just dripping with Sakuraiba love.

Please, enjoy c:

Translation is mine, ergo it could be all wrong


VO: Voice-over
MC: MC/Host
S: Sho
A: Aiba
J: Jun
N: Nino
O: Ohno
G: Guest Namase Katsuhisa

VO: And now Arashi's challenge. "Conversation exercise" improvisation game "A I U E O". The setting is: a meteor is going to crash on Earth in 1 minute. Ready... Action!
J: Ah! I won't see you any more!
A: "I won't see you any more". "Won't see you any more"?
G: Silly, isn't it?
A: I-- I-- I lived a good life. I lived a good life.
N: It doesn't fit!
A: Thank you!
S: U--!? U--!?

I love how Sho naturally gravitated towards Aiba with no hesitation. These two. *smh*

S: If we are reborn, let's be together again!
N: Eh?! EH?! It's already here!
O: Please... PLEASE STOP!
N: It's wrong, isn't it? "Please stop"?
G: [...] How was it?
Everyone: It's interesting!

In Japanese, the lines were as follows
J: ぁ!もう会えないのか! (Aa! Mou aenai no ka!)
A: い 人生だった!いい 人生だった! (Ii jinsei datta! Ii jinsei datta!)
S: まれ変わっても、 また一生にような! (Umare kawattemo, mata isshouni you na!)
N: ぇ? えぇ!? もう 目の前 に! (Eh? Eh!? Mou me no mae ni!)
O: 願い。。。 お願い やめて! (Onegai... Onegai yamete!)

MC: Well, now that you've learned how to do this...
G: Yes
MC: we have the "First and Last" improv challenge.
[The VO explains the rules: basically there are three random sentences and they have to create a story by connecting them in a way that makes sense.]

VO: These are the teams who will face the challenge. The teams are: Sho and Aiba, Nino and Jun, and Namase with Ohno
First off the boss and the subordinate: Sakurai-Aiba combination.
The lines are selected from the boxes randomly
MC: ...what is written, please.
A: (opens the card) Eh? What is this?
Card: This is bad, this is bad, this is really bad. Reference to comedian Degawa Testurou's catchphrase.

Please notice Jun dressed as a policeman in the first cap, and Sho's face in the second. Best AniShi ep ever.

G: Ah, that's how it is!
S: That's how it is.
G: You start from there.
A: From here? Ah, I see. I see.
S: Well, it's good, right?
MC: Well then, shall we move on to the next one?
S: Either of us can say this one, right?
G: Yes.
A: This is good, this is good, it's fun.
S: I don't know about that.
(Aiba draws)
S: What?
S & A: Anzai-sensei.
Card: Don't ever give up hope until the very last moment! Reference to the manga Slam Dunk. The quote is Anzai-sensei's catchphrase.
S: It fits, doesn't it?
N: It's good though. It can be connected right?
O: Looks good.
S: Well, then, I'm pulling the last one.
MC: The last one please.
MC: The last line is...
(Sho draws)
Card: There's only one truth! Reference to the manga Meitantei Conan (Case Closed). The quote is Conan's catchphrase.
S: There's only one truth!
S: Ah?!
N: Ah, but, somehow it can lead to that, right?

: With these lines, what story will come out?
And now the "First to Last" improv game... action!

: (on the phone) Yes. Yeah, yeah. Ah, I see.
A: This is bad, this is bad, this is really bad! This is so bad!
S: Sorry, my subordinate--
A: What should I do?
S: My subordinate is saying something is really bad, sorry. Excuse me.
S: (to Aiba) What happened?
A: It's the debt collector
S: This is bad, this is bad!
A: He said he's coming to the company to collect the money right now.
S: This is so bad, so bad.
A: What should I do, senpai, really?
S: What's the amount of the debt?
A: Well... 50000 yen.
S: If you save up from now on can't you return it bit by bit?
A: Yeah but he's coming right now. What should I do then?
S: I will borrow money from everyone and I will gather the 50000. For now--
A: Yeah, but everyone--
S: Don't ever give up hope until the very last moment!

: But from here on their connection disappears.

: I see. But... I see. I borrow from everyone. Ah! I see! Then it's only me who would have to quit the company. That's it, boss wouldn't have to quit the company, right? It's okay, because the president... it's just me who did badly so it's okay, right? You wouldn't have to quit the company.

: What do you mean?
A: What do I mean? What do I mean? What's that, senpai? That's weird, isn't it?

Aiba's DoS side starts coming out...

: Then... I will quit...
A: No, what would senpai quitting do?

DoS Aiba does things to me.

: Yes. I will quit...
A: No, no, that's wrong! Because... senpai what will you do?

Sho's face here is priceless. "I don't KNOW Masaki, what are you getting at!?"

: Ah. I won't have to quit.
A: Exactly.
S: This is the truth? Eh? It isn't?

: In Aiba-san's mind, how would the story get there?

More Jun dressed up as a policeman because the world needs it.

: Because, from there, it becomes a tense argument, we kiss, and then we get to the truth.
S: Is that so!

Sho doesn't look too opposed to the idea, but Aiba is just too happy about it xD

In the end, shipping aside, I'm very happy Aiba was paired up with Sho. I think Aiba needs someone like Nino or Sho to support him in improv (maybe with Nino the scene might have even worked till the end, who knows?). Sho could have worked with Ohno as well, probably. Nino is a wildcard, but being paired up with Jun gave the best result (they were GREAT! I laughed so hard!).

All in all, this episode was really one of the best AniShi. I hope you had fun reading this. :D

Date: 2017-05-19 12:40 pm (UTC)
ryusa: (Default)
From: [personal profile] ryusa
I love this episode too!! It really challenge their impromptu acting skill!
A-I-U-E-O skit is the best!

Date: 2017-05-19 03:36 pm (UTC)
roo_kie: (Default)
From: [personal profile] roo_kie
I wish someone would subbing this!!!
it's really funny episode!!!
Thank you soooo much!!!

Date: 2017-05-19 07:23 pm (UTC)
falkner: photoshoot picture of Sakurai Sho from Arashi (Default)
From: [personal profile] falkner
Sho looks like he's thinking "Well, we can't finish it like that later once the camera is off ;D"

(Thank you for the translation!)

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