Sep. 9th, 2017

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I got the internet baaaaaack! Yayyyyy! I've been without WiFi for two weeks now x.x And even though I only ever use it in the weekend since I work ten hours a day 5/7, I need my internet. So I'm so happy I got it back just in time to watch the new VS Arashi <3

Today's introtalk is about the end of summer and fireworks! Just to ramble a bit (feel free to skip this part if you want) but how pretty is the word 花火 (hanabi/firework) in Japanese? Look at the cute little hana and the cute little hi coming together *doesn't know why she's feeling emotional rn* I hate to love kanjis by the way

※ Translation is mine, ergo it could be all wrong ※

S: Sho
A: Aiba
J: Jun
N: Nino
O: Ohno

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